About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to Aware and Educate the people about the importance of Dental Care, and Sell the best products in line to all the people around the world and give them an access to a clean and healthy oral environment with certified brands and products.


Our Great Story

Tooth And Gums is started by a Dentist, Dr. Nupur Trivedi. Hence, the company understands and respects Dentistry. TNG, Tooth And Gums, was an idea where Dr. Nupur Trivedi had envisioned a future related to Dentistry. She intended in her early twenties to provide a wide array of resources and knowledge at one place and aimed to make Tooth and Gums the right medium to access all kinds of Dental Materials, for dentists as well as consumers.

Currently TNG deals with standard Dental equipments, Dental products, Dental materials and Dental accessories relating with day to day dental practice for Dental students, Dental practitioners and usage for Dental consumers. It is going to expand with more products, more knowledge and more access to Dentistry with each passing day.

The Company hopes to reach far and expand, to achieve that vision.


The best curve here with Tooth And Gums is that the products on the website are particularly selected and sold as recommended by the certified Dentists.

At TNG, we understand the need of a beautiful, aesthetic smile that’s being thrown around and loved. So the very goal of TNG is the need to bring in a healthy oral environment and aware everyone about the need for the same and get them the right dental products at one place.

Words of the Visionary

Tooth and Gums is going to be a medium for consumers and an easy access to Dentistry in general for all the dental students and practitioners. The company aims to reach a level where it’s easy for one and all to be able to have an access to all kinds of Dental Products.

Also, there’s a major need to create awareness of the high rise of cancer in the community in general. Particularly, Oral Cancer. So, TNG is also going to be a major part of the cancer community in future so that it helps in preventing the risks of cancer and with the addiction of tobacco for those who want to be helped.

– Dr. Nupur Trivedi

  Founder, TNG