Voco Xtra fill Composite

3,900.00 3,800.00

Fast bulk-fill packable posterior composite


Restorations Class I and II

Core build-up

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Voco Xtra fill Composite

Voco Xtra fill Composite:

  • xtra fast
  • 4 mm cure in 10 sec.
  • Use with Futurabond NR/DC/U SingleDose and bond, fill and cure 4 mm in less than 60 sec.
  • x-tra durable
  • Low shrinkage of 1.7% through multi-hybrid filler technology
  • 86% filled by weight for great wear resistance
  • x-tra easy
  • One universal shade fits all. High translucency provides excellent chameleon effect for good esthetics
  • Highly radiopaque (330 AL%)
  • Perfect for fast core build-ups

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